5 Top tips to stay consistent with seed cycling

5 Top tips to stay consistent with seed cycling

It's normal to miss a few days of seed cycling here and there. We do it every now and again too. BUT we don't want to make a habit of it. SO DON'T DO IT AGAIN! Jokes. Instead, we want to create great habits around taking our Seed Cycle Blend. So, here are 5 top tips to make it easier to stay consistent with your seed cycling.

1. Set an alarm

Setting an alarm on your phone is an ultra simple step to get you started with establishing a seed cycling habit. Simply set an alarm for when you would normally have breakfast, for example, and label it 'Seed Cycling'. Doing so can help you get into a routine and, over time, it will become automatic to get your blends and take them with breakfast.

2. Find ways to incorporate it directly into your meals.

It could be your smoothie, your peanut butter spread, your muesli or your scrambled eggs. Any meal or snack that has a moisture content and isn't exposed to a really high heat - can have Seed Cycle Blend added to it. Or you can check out our seed cycling recipe book for some more delicious ideas all under 10 minutes.

3. Use meal prepping to your advantage.

Prepping your meals ahead of time with your seed cycling blends made right into your food is a genius move! You will thank your meal prepping self when you cbf making ANY food little own taking your seed cycling blends. Your welcome. 

4. Just add water

When you REALLY can't be bothered making any food item. Just add your seed cycling blends to a glass of water and shot it back. You don't need to make seed cycling complicated when you don't have the time but still want to get results.


5. Toilet meditation

This may sounds strange. But hear us out. You are most likely to go to the toilet not long after you wake up. You are forced for a moment to sit down and let your body do it's thing. This is actually a great time to bring awareness and gratitude to your cycle and commit to looking after it that day. Consistency requires a strong mind and this little trick is a quick way to strengthen it. Once you are seated, close your eyes and bring your attention to your pelvis area, that will no-doubt be feeling some sensations whilst you're on the throne.

Feel free to put your hands on your lower abdomen and fill your womb with gratitude. Send it a mental love note, whisper sweet nothings to it, thank it for all it does and all it has done. Exhale with the visualisation of taking your seed cycling blends or doing something to honour your cycle that day. Create the feeling in your body of what it would be like to not have any painful symptoms. Image the pain leaving your body. And hold onto that feeling. This small but very powerful positive reinforcement will tell your brain that it is important to prioritize your cycle health that day. This makes it easier to remember your self care and seed cycling blends.


These are 5 of a million ways you can help to keep consistent with your seed cycling practice. Please share your tips for staying consistent in the comments below. Happy seed cycling everyone!


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