6 Things that happen when you benefit from seed cycling.

Seed cycling is a long-term journey. Within the first couple of cycles you will notice the benefits we always talk about - reduced period pains, less acne, less PMS, better fertility, and overall feeling better.

But have you ever considered the benefits of those benefits? Our goal is to help you live your best life and reach your full potential by eliminating those nasty hormonal imbalance symptoms.

Read on to find out the top things that happen when you benefit from seed cycling.

1. Gain Control

When you know what is happening in your body and why - you have control. To take Seed Cycle Blend accurately we need to track our cycles accurately. When we track our cycles with our basal body temperature and cervical mucus - we have data about our bodies that can help us to make better decisions. Instead of wondering why we feel a certain way we can check in and know for sure where we are and how to best support that phase. When you have control you have peace of mind.

2. Peace of Mind

When you know how to support your cycle and experience pain-free periods you don't need to worry about what might happen. You are equipped with the knowledge of your body and trust that it will do its thing. And if something doesn't feel right you will know how to tune in and answer your body's call for attention. This peace of mind gives you the confidence to live your best life.

3. Confidence

It's hard to feel confident when you don't feel like you can trust your body. Part of seed cycling is tracking your cycle. When you get to know your body through this process - you build trust and therefore confidence. Not only that - when you start to reduce your cycle symptoms you will feel great in any phase of your cycle.

4. Pain-free Living

Pain can hold us back from so many of our aspirations and goals. When we experience pain we can feel defeated and like the world is against us. When you are consistent with seed cycling and dedicated to supporting your cycle with your lifestyle choices, you will experience the freedom of a pain-free cycle. There is no better feeling than having your period roll round and you are not in pain.  

5. Less Stress

Pain can cause mental and physical stress. Pain stimulates receptors in the brain that perceives the pain as a form of danger that the body needs to protect itself from. In fact the way painkillers work is by blocking these receptors to basically tell the brain there is no pain. So it doesn't heal the problem - instead just creates an illusion until it wears off. When you seed cycle you invest in reducing your pain, which in turn reduces your mental and physical stress.

5. Happier

Who doesn't want to feel happier? But genuinely, all of the above will do that for you. Happiness is being content with life. And there is no greater contentment than when you are at peace with your body and experiencing a pain-free lifestyle. When you feel good - you radiate happiness and attract even more positive energy into your life. And we believe seed cycling can do that for you.

We would love to hear what you experience when you benefit from seed cycling. Leave your comments below.


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